Our Founder & Winemaker

Randy Child
Randy Graham

Randy’s grape growing heritage started 3 generations ago when his great grandparents settled in this rich farmland near the south shore of great Lake Erie. Before returning to his roots near Lake Erie, Randy spent 15 years in California, officially working as an electrical engineer, but by this dint of good California karma he had the opportunity to try an ungodly number of great wines and this experience turned him into a complete and incurable wine fanatic.

He also met his Laura, who was born and raised in the bay area of California and she quickly fell under his spell and joined his search for the next great glass of wine. It was over a fabulous bottle of Barbera that Randy persuaded her to marry him, move to Pennsylvania and buy a grape farm!

Randy and Laura have now been grape growers in the Lake Erie region for more than 25 years and expanded into the winery business starting in 2009. Starting a winery starts with being avid wine consumers and Randy and Laura qualified a long time ago! Oh yes, and raising 3 kids along the way!