Coronavirus Updates

January 4, 2021

Courtyard Winery is excited to announce the doors are OPENING to TASTE! We are dedicated to the safety of our employees and our guests. Here is what we can provide at our various locations and still maintain compliance with the current COVID-19 rules and regulations. All employees and guests are required to wear a mask. No reservations required. Please keep in mind all locations are operating on a first come first serve basis as well as at a 50% maximum occupancy rate. If you find we are at capacity upon your arrival we ask that you please wait outside and we will serve you as soon as possible.

At our Main Winery in Historic North East: Tastings are $4.00 includes four 1 oz tastings – while seated. Tastings are served at our Courtyard bistro tables. Food item must be included with purchase of tastings. Light food options are available.

Pittsburgh Locations:

At Courtyard Winery in the Strip District: Tastings are $4.00 includes four 1 oz tastings and can be enjoyed at our high-top tables. No tastings are permitted to be served while at the tasting bar.

At Courtyard Winery in The Ross Park Mall: Samples include 4 complimentary ½ ounce samples and can be enjoyed at your very own bistro table. No samples are permitted to be served while at the tasting bar.

  • All alcohol consumption must be seated
  • Alcohol consumption is required to be a part of a meal (main winery only)
  • First come, first serve. We do not take reservations at this time.
  • Outside coverage is available based on daily weather elements.
  • We are not holding any special events at this time.
  • Minors, under the age of 21, are allowed in the stores. They cannot taste, smell, consume or carry the alcohol.
  • All surfaces are cleaned to insure your safety. We follow all sanitary consumption and protocols that have been put into place by the CDC.
  • Tours are not available at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your current hours?

See our locations and hours.

Do you have coverage from outside?

Yes, we have little coverage and are working daily within the elements.

Do you ship your wine?

Yes, and we currently ship to 34 states. Shop Now.