Winemaker’s Notes on Two LaCourette Selections

We proudly introduced two selections into our LaCourette line of fine wines at the end of August.  We thank you for your overwhelmingly positive response.  These fine wines now reside at the top of the LaCourette volume ranking.

Vintner’s Reserve Blanc is finished in stainless steel, temperature-controlled  tanks, preserving the flavor of the Giesenheim grape.  The result is a fine wine that is light and crisp on the palate. Given these unique attributes for any dry white wine, it has truly earned the “Reserve” designation.

Our Vignoles wine started with grapes meticulously cared for by Trolley Line Vineyards owned and operated by Jack Russel and Deb Phillips.    Trolley Line has been growing grapes for over 100 years, and produces some of the finest quality grapes in our region.  Taste Vignoles and your nose and palate will be treated to the essence of this fruit-forward grape.  Vignoles, with its unique taste and semi-dry rating,  is a great choice that appeals to a wide array of drinkers.

We are so pleased that you like our new wines.  We hope you continue to enjoy new Vintner’s Reserve Blanc, and Vignoles in the months ahead.



Vintner’s Reserve Blanc$14.95

This exclusive white wine is made from the Giesenheim grape.  Unusual for a white, this wine starts with an upfront burst of citrus, a well-balanced mid palate and no Oak leads to a smooth finish.  Remarkable in every way, earning it’s way to “Reserve” designation.  Pairs well with hearty Alfredo Sauces and Poultry  Dry – 0.4% residual sugar  Limited Production


Vignoles                       $ 11.95

Upfront nose of soft notes of pear and apricot leads to refreshing flavors on the tongue.   Serve chilled – perfect with seafood, salads & mild cheeses. A new entry in our “Vineyard” series, a result of excellent vineyard care from Trolley Line Vineyards, North East,PA. Semi-Dry 1.6% R.S.